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Kid Triathlons


All legs of the Kid Triathlons will be at Fountain Valley High School.

Kid Triathlons begin promptly after the conclusion of the adult triathlon at approximately 10:00 am in the following order:

Junior Pee Wee – 10:00am
Pee Wee triathlon – 10:30am
Kid triathlon – 11:00am
Big Kid triathlon – 11:30am

*Ages for each race are merely suggestions – please look at each race and decide which length best fits your child/children.With that said, we ask that you as parents not move your child down in order for them to dominate the field. 🙂


Junior Pee Wee Triathlon Ages 3-5       

Run: 250 yards*
Bike: 100 yards* (Training wheels, tricycles, big wheels, etc. are allowed)
Swim: 25 yards* (parental help is allowed)

*distances listed are approximate


Pee Wee Triathlon Ages 6-7      

Run: 1/4 Mile*
Bike: 1/2 Mile* (Training wheels, tricycles, big wheels, etc. are allowed)
Swim: 25 yards* (parental help is allowed)

*distances listed are approximate


Kid’s Triathlon: Ages 8-9      

Run: 1 Mile*
Bike: 1 Mile*
Swim: 75 Yards*

*distances listed are approximate


Big Kid’s Triathlon: Ages 10+  

Run: 1.5 Mile*
Bike: 1.5 Mile*
Swim: 75 Yards*

*distances listed are approximate



The Big Kid and Kid Triathlons will have individual start times (one for the Kid and one for the Big Kid). Both triathlons will follow a Reverse Triathlon format.

Registration Fee

Junior Pee Wee Triathlon: $35

Peewee Triathlon: $35

Kid Triathlon: $35

Big Kid Triathlon: $35


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