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Triathlon Update

Here’s the latest update & advice…

Complete the Route before the Race

One of the secrets to get the most out of yourself during the race (or being able to finish it) is to become familiar with the route. It will give you an idea how much effort you can put into each leg of the race.

Click here for the routes


The FV Triathlon is different than most triathlons in that there are 2 transition areas. After the swim, you will dry and put on biking clothing at Los Cab. After the bike, you will change into running shoes inside the Greenbrook neighborhood. This will require that you:

  • Drop off your running clothes at the Greenbrook transition before the swim (off of Rogue River & the Greenbelt).
  • Arrange for swimming clothing/equipment to be brought to Greenbrook after the race.


Troop 297 will be manning the grills and will provide hotdogs, drinks, watermelon and eating utensils. The rest of the food will be potluck. Please bring your favorite dish (salad, desert, pasta, etc.)

If you want to make sure you have some shade bring an easy up or something similar.

Triathlon Volunteers

Volunteers will be available at all stages of the triathlon to help with whatever is needed. They will be wearing red triathlon shirts. If you or a family member/friend would like to volunteer for the day you can sign up here.

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