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What is included with my registration? All finishers receive medals. Those who register before May 10th will receive a T-shirt and participant packet. T-shirt availability for those who register after May 10th may be limited.

How do I get my participant packet? How does that work? Participation packets will be available for pickup on Friday evening, May 25th from 5-8pm at the LDS Church building located at 17500 Bushard St., Fountain Valley adjacent to Fountain Valley High School.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me? Yes.

Are there refunds? We do not offer refunds.

Can I transfer my registration to another person? No, registration is not transferable.

Can I pick up my packet the day of the event? We encourage all participants to come to packet picket on Friday. If you are unable to pick it up on Friday, packets can be picked up 1 hour prior to the race on Saturday.

What is the length and depth range of the pool? 25 yards in length and approximately 4 feet deep.

Where do we park for the event? Parking is in the parking lot in front of Fountain Valley High School. Parking is also available at the LDS Church Building adjacent to the high school 17500 Bushard St., Fountain Valley.

What kind of bike do I need? As this is a family-friendly triathlon focused on having fun, any kind of bike is welcome. Participants often use road bikes, while others use mountain bikes or beach cruisers.

Do I have to wear a bike helmet? Helmets are required for all participants. All participants are also required to follow all traffic laws.

Do I wear my race number in the pool? It is not required to wear your race number in the pool. You will need to have your race number visible as you cross the finish line. Most participants write their race number on their arms with a permanent marker at the beginning of the race.

Do I need goggles? Goggles are not necessary.

Do I get a finisher medal? All finishers receive medals.

How does the adult team with 2 or 3 people work? The team event is set up where each person does a different event.  You can do it with 3 people, with each doing one leg of the race or with two people, with one person doing two legs of the race.

Can my company do a booth at your event? We do not have vendor booths at the triathlon.


Kids Triathlon:

Can I get in the water with my child? Yes.

Can I run or bike with my child? Yes. Adults are not allowed to bike, but can walk/run alongside their children while they run and bike.

Can my child ride a bike with training wheels? Can my child ride a scooter? Yes, children in the Kids’ triathlons are often seen riding bikes with training wheels, riding scooters, big wheels, and tricycles.

Is timing/results published for the kids? We do not time the kids’ triathlon.

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