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Ask Dr. Kaz

Q: This is my first try at a triathlon, and I am a nervous swimmer, how long do I have to finish the swim, and can I pause at the pool’s edge for a moment at each length?

A: Great question. The Fountain Valley Triathlon is intended to be a fun event for people of all ability levels. You will have 30 minutes to either complete the swim or swim as far as you can. You will then transition to the bike. During the swim you can stop as many times as you want. You may even be able to stand and touch the bottom of the pool, if tall enough. There are no penalties for stopping or standing. Our hope is that you have a fun, safe time and enjoying the event.

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  1. Dear Dr. Kaz (what kind of name is that anyway?);

    I am too short for my weight (5’5/245 lb’s), I have hammer toes, bunions, blisters, plantar fasciatus, lower back pain, and dizzy spells. I can walk out to the mail box and back without stopping (although I am out of breath when I get back to the house), I can swim the width of the Greenbrook pool two times in under five minutes, and I can ride a bike withe training wheels attached. I eat five Milky Way bars a day, but I am going to cut down to three. Now for my question: what kind of shoes should I buy so that I can maximize my effort in your little ‘Triatha-thingy”? Waiting for your advice I am an athlete in training.

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