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Adult Tri


Start Time: 7am

Run: Fountain Valley High School vicinity (5K)
Bike: Bike Route is an open course, meaning no road closures. Riders are to obey all traffic laws. (10 Miles)
Swim: Fountain Valley High School (175 yards)
Leg Details

This run will be on the pavement.
There will be water stations every mile throughout the run.
ANSI-approved hard shell helmets are required – even on beach cruisers.
Must obey all traffic laws. If observed not obeying traffic laws the racer will be disqualified and not allowed to participate in future triathlons.
Short Swim:
No fins, paddles, or propulsive device of any kind will be allowed. Participants must provide their own approved optional equipment (goggles, towel, etc).

Registration Fees

Adult Individual: $65
Adult Team 2-3 participants: $130

Course and Map Descriptions..

Note: For safety and simplicity purposes, the bike route was changed slightly for the adult triathlon. Please reference the “Bike Route Map” to see the updated course.



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