Dr. Kaz Q&A

Below are the first round of questions submitted to Dr. Kaz:

Question: Is there any aerodynamic, vascular or other benefit to running with biking gloves? (Jillyn Huffmire)

Answer: None that have been medically proven.

Question: Why are you so cool? (Adam Bickford)

Answer: I am a part of all I have met, and all I have done.  See my player profile for specifics.

Question: What should I look for in a new pair of running shoes? (Brett Greathouse)

Answer: Coming Soon

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The Rose

Many people would like to figuratively “peel back the skin” of a triathlete and see what what they’re made of. Where does the dogged determination to not only succeed but to crush the competition come from? Have they always had complete power over pain? And why do they only stop for “Dancing with the Stars”?

Were they born with it or can we, ordinary people, become what they so naturally seem to be?

We asked these and other questions to some of the FV Memorial Day triathletes and their spouses – you may be surprised by the answers. In an effort to be completely fair to our triathletes, complete answers are included w/o editing.

Contestant (and event organizer): Jimmy “Timmy T”¬†Templin


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The Route

It looks like the routes have been finalized. We will be posting the official maps of the Bike and Run before too long but the long and short of it is:

Swimming will happen at Los Cab (New Hope, Just South of Warner in Fountain Valley)

Biking will go from Los Cab, North to Warner, Down the River Trail, Right on PCH, North on Newland, into Greenbrook.

Running will go around the Greenbrook block.

More to come…

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Time to Register

If you plan on doing the triathlon this year, please sign up asap. We expect the 150 slots to start filling up so don’t get left out in the cold. Click here to register.

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Calling all Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help manage the Triathlon and Funwalk. Some of the things you’ll be doing are:

  • Registering Athletes
  • Setting up Signs
  • Directing racers
  • Man’ing Aid Table
  • Etc.

All volunteers will get a “FV Triathlon Staff” t-shirt, training on what you will be doing and first dibs on hotdogs. Please click here to sign up.

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Ask Dr. Kaz

We are happy to present the newest feature to the FV Triathlon Blog: “Ask Dr. Kaz”. If you have a question regarding the triathlon, training or general life concerns please submit it here for Dr. Kaz to answer.

For more information on Dr. Kaz please see his player profile here.

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Swimming at Los Cab

Thanks to Sue at Los Cab for giving us a walk-through of the swimming venue. The triathlon will start with check-in and the swim at Los Cab. We will be using their Olympic size pool with 19 lanes for the swim. We expect to have at least 3 heats: Family, Competitive Women, Competitive Men.

Check-in will start at 6:30am and all racers will need to be checked in at least 30 minutes prior to their heat. As the race gets closer we’ll provide more information on the details of the race.

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This is Bob, This is Beau

For the 2009 Triathlon we will be offering “Micro Spots” on various competitors to give a flavor of what to expect on race day.

Micro Spot #1

This is Bob, This is Beau… FV Triathlon competitors and school yard bullies.

Bob and Beau, SYB
Bob and Beau, SYB

Bob & Beau are the best of friends. They have trained for and completed two FV Triathlons and are both collegiate level athletes: Bob ran, Beau swam.

You may remember their dramatic 2007 finish as they crossed the finish line hand in hand. For those who witnessed the finish it is forever in our minds – no matter how hard we try. 2008 was a small disappointment for the duo as Bob’s competitive nature overtook bonds of friendship to leave Beau in the proverbial dust.

In 2009 they are teaming up again to train for the triathlon and have offered us a glimpse into their success. From Bob…

The first thing to know is that the race occurs on Memorial Day but it is won today; we win today by following a regimented training routine and also by psyching out the competition.

First, Weights:

We go prehistoric on the front lawn with the weight bench. While we work out, Beau goes by the name “Pec’tosaurus” and I’m “Tricep’atops”. Weights don’t help much with the actual race but nothing feels better than having the biggest chest and arms on race day; especially when they’re clean shaven.


Second, Swimming:

We do little to no actual swimming ourselves as part of our training. Instead, we know of 2 or 3 neighborhood pools that are kept below 54 degrees and throw a few of our fellow competitors into them each day. Today we got Davy Miller, Sarah Johns and Maddy Johnson… I don’t think they’ll be giving us much competition on race day. Like I said, the race is won today.

Davy Miller - Competition No More

Third, Intimidation:

One immediate pay-off of being the biggest and strongest is intimidating the competition. On this particular day we scattered the competition like lions in a heard of gazelles. They were so scared they even outran me. I don’t think there will be anyone left to stand in our way on T-Day.

Thanks to Bob & Beau for the view into their daily routine.

One other note is that, aside from training together, they’ve also started a clothing company (SYB Designs). SYB for “School Yard Bully”. At time of printing they have 2 t-shirt designs…

  • The first depicts a stick figure on the ground in obvious pain and says, “Bob Johns tree’d me”.
  • The second shows a large stick figure holding a much smaller stick figure over his head and ready to throw him into a cold pool. It says, “Beau Taught me to Swim”

We wish them luck with their training and everyone else with their survival.

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2009 Season Begins

The FV Triathlon has picked up where it left off last year; many men shaking their heads in wonder at the beating taken from Mindy Stewart. She won the women’s division and fell just short of an overall Top-10 finish. Her victory over her husband was more than he could bare and he vowed she would be a non-factor this year. We all thank him.

With Mindy out of the way, the women’s division is wide open. Below are some possible black horse contenders:


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Saturday Surf

August 30, 2008

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